April 21, 2024

Don't Cali-Fornicate Texas

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30% Off 30 Collections of T-Shirts & Sweatshirts for Men, Women & Children

True Texans would rather die on their feet than live on their knees. This shirt looks great in a variety of colors, and with the image on the front or back of the shirts
Guns Offend You? Let me write you a prescription for two testicles. This shirt makes a great gift for those who advocate for the Right to Bear Arms.
Trump 2024 – Make Liberals Cry Again. A huuuuge variety of shirts, colors and sizes for those wanting Trump to come back to fix all of the Liberal’s screw Ups.
We all know that gun control really isn’t about Guns. It’s about the government controlling you to not be a threat to their tyranny.
Are you a Pro? Let the Libtards know that you will have nine of their decay of the American Society.
The Democrats Standard Operating Procedure is to Admit Nothing, Deny Everything and to accuse the other side of that for which they are guilty. Educate the Sheeple!
Working Harder Than an Ugly Stripper is as about as hard as a person can work! Maybe your boss needs a constant reminder.
The screaming Woody is a 1960 Plymouth 2dr Woody Wagon racing in Nostalgia Super Stock. This makes a great gift for those who love Mopars and/or Drag Racing.
The screaming Woody is a 1960 Plymouth 2dr Woody Wagon racing in Nostalgia Super Stock. This makes a great gift for those who love Mopars and/or Drag Racing. This is another version of the other Screamin’ Woody image.
Let’s Go Brandon. Nothing else needs to be said. Perfect shirt for school age children to let the brainwashing teachers that they’ll not be indoctrinated.
Another of the many versions of the “Let’s Go Brandon” collections found in the Old Hippie’s Gift Shop.
Foxtrot – Juliet – Bravo is Military Code for Fuck Joe Biden. This is he #1 Collection sold in the Old Hippie’s Gift Shop. Every GI, Reservist, and Veteran would cherish this gift from you.
A picture is worth 1,000 words – and only two need to be conveyed. Perfect shirt to be worn at sporting events or political rallies.
Those Veterans who have earned an Honorable Discharge on their DD-214 love this shirt
If you’re a Conservative and haven’t had The Ministry of Propaganda Nazis at Fascistbook restrict your speech with jail time, you need step up your game. This shirt proudly tells others that you won’t live your life on your knees at Facebook – and will speak the truth they don’t want spread. You all know someone who is constantly put in a “Time Out” by Zuckerberg’s Gestapo. Reward them with this shirt!
Biden isn’t my – “You Know, the thing”. This shirt tells the world not to blame you for the empty suit as President – and you don’t recognize him as yours.
A great shirt for all “Full-Figured” men and women to let others know that they were built for comfort – not for speed. Sizes to 5XL at no extra charge!
Nothing says “Don’t Touch Me” better than this.
Molon Labe. Come & take it assholes!
Trump Won, and Democrats Cheated. Let others know that you know the truth and speak the truth.
Let’s not leave Dyslexics in the dark!
If you are a fan of the 1978/1979 Dodge Magnum, this shirt reminds people that there was one bright spot in the Dark Disco Ages. It’s the official image of MagnumGT.com
The Deep State (FBI, CIA, IRS, DHS, NIA, DOJ…) is watch you, your phone calls, your movements, your email, your texts…
Make George Orwell’s (the face image) 1984 fiction again!

30% Off on 30 collections of T-shirts & sweatshirts TODAY ONLY. That’s less than $14 on colored Tees with no extra charge for sizes up to 5XL.

Men, women & children, all with a variety of colors. Use the edit button to resize or move the image to where you want it. Put image on any of the items sold.

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Click the above link – share with your friends. They make perfect gifts. The more you order the less per item you save on shipping.