July 12, 2024

Don't Cali-Fornicate Texas

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Texas Needs to Save Itself From This

A once powerful country who would allow their mortal enemy to:

  • Buy and control segments in the the food industry, like the pork and fish industries.
  • Buy most of the real estate sold in the US, including large farms – many of which are surrounding the highest security military bases
  • Create spying software that their victim’s youngest people would put on the smart phones, to track their movements and log every data item of that person for a future Social Score ifwho they can buy
  • Export an “Exucution Drug” that has murdered millions of American children in the last two years
  • Send an aero spying device the size of three school buses to fly to and hover 60,000′ over dozens of our most Secret military bases.
  • Corner the wind enegry market, to where all equipment is manufactured by that enemy
  • Corner the Solar energy market, to where all equipment is manufactured by that enemy
  • Corner the Cell Phone market, to where all equipment is manufactured by that enemy and loaded with secret surveillance circuitry.
  • Corner the prescription drug market, to where all medicines are manufactured exclusively by that enemy
  • Corner the chip market, to where all computer chips and the billions of lines of code (much of what it does is only known to them) running it is manufactured by that enemy
  • An enemy that puts a spy as a driver for a Senator, a hooker for a Congressman, and has at least tried to have a spy assigned to every Liberal Politician
  • An enemy giving billions to American colleges, to see that their propaganda is pounded into the head of every student, especially future teacher (brain wash the kids), lawyer (become politicians), and news reporter (as their Ministry of Propagsnda)
  • An enemy who buys the kids and siblings of a President through bribes, which are later held over their heads s blackmail
  • The above is just the most obvious of what we are letting them do. Politicians and businesses are selling out America for 6 pieces of silver.

China has done everything they can to speed along our defeat, without us even knowing we’re at war.

The future history books that tell the accurate story of this Trojan Horse 100 (or even 1,000) years from now, will say this was the biggest acts of Treason from the politicians, lying by the media, and complete stupidity of the indifferent populace.

Learn Mandrin and Cantonese as it will be the only way they allow you to survive.